Animal Assisted Therapy

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Ben – Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt

Animal Assisted Therapy

My practice includes Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) with a calm, loving, and gentle dog named Ben. Animal Assisted Therapy has a demonstrated ability to enhance and complement traditional therapy. Ben often helps new clients feel comfortable and safe more quickly. He is an accepting presence who enjoys greeting people as they enter the office by slowly walking toward them with the assumption that they will be pleased at his presence. During therapy with adults he often curls up at your feet or on the couch beside you. Sometimes, when he is concerned, he will try to comfort you by licking your hands.

With children, Ben is up to any game offered. His favorite is chase the ball. During quiet times Ben will often sit next to a child and watch them play or try to get them interested in playing with him (as mentioned, chase the ball is his first choice). Ben often helps children feel comfortable by being present in the moment, without placing any expectations or demands on them. Ben works as a safe buffer for many children. They can tell him things they may be worried about telling me directly. He never tells secrets and is always comforting!

Ben attends most of my sessions. If you have an allergy, or do not care to have him in the room during your session please let me know and alternative arrangements will be made for him.

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